OKAY OKAY OKAY… this girl is BACK in business. I have been working my ass off for the last two weeks and i apologize but i have honestly been so dead tired that blogging was the LAST thing on my mind. BUT tomorrow my mom comes back so all will be well again!! 

SO i decided to write a post since a) Gimena has been on my case and b) i realized how bad i was actually getting when my sisters boyfriend commented on how i haven't posted in a while! SOO Gimena and mitch this ones dedicated just for you ;) 

JUST NOW i watched my best friend perform on CTV Ottawa Morning live and it gave me goosebumps… I am SOO proud of her and her sister. they are a GREAT duo called HighDiamond and you should absolutely buy their music on iTunes! They're gonna be big one day, i just KNOW it!!

I Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week, mine has been crap BUT i'm optimistic that next week will be better :) 

You can watch HighDiamond's performance HERE 

have a wonderful thursday chickens 


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  1. Wish I could get/see the interview for HighDiamond too!