YOU GUYS… I did something over the weekend that i'm very very happy with! I cut my hair. I honestly feel like I chopped it off! It's not that drastic but its enough where I feel like i look different… sophisticated, mature, dare i say it? older! **GASP** but in all seriousness I'm totally digging my hair cut. haha I'm so dramatic that I made brent think I cut it up to my chin. He totally thought I had done something unforgivable… but when he saw it he's just like "ITS NOT THAT SHORT!!" its safe to say he really REALLY liked it. Especially since it wasn't cut like a boy haha! 

I feel like since there are SO many changes going on in my life right now, it was time to make a slight appearance change! I'll be ombreing my hair next weekend so i'll post more pictures of that soon :) 

ps. It's crazy how much healthier, full and less thin my hair is looking. I have the poor case of thin hair and bald spots (I'm not even being dramatic about that it's totally so very true) but my hair seriously just looks and feels so much better… I'm such a HAPPY GAL!


// Before //

// After //

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