baby bradley

Saturday night I had a date with this beautiful stud muffin. I got to babysit brents nephew for four hours (along with his sister) and it was fun but probably the BEST form of birth control! I mean babies are beautiful and gorgeous and i can't wait for the day that brent and i are blessed with our own little bundle of joy BUT i actually can wait because i enjoy my freedom and my sleep. 

I find that now a days so many girls hate the thought of babies.. which is ABSURD to me. I honestly believe that one day being a mom will be the BEST thing ever. I'm still only 22 so having a baby right this moment is absurd haha… however, if it were to happen to me there is not a doubt in my mind that i would keep it. Babies are beautiful blessings and i truly believe that i can pull myself together and do it. 

ahhhh but hanging out with baby bradley was so fun and great, i got a little training in and i really did have fun but i was GLAD his mom got home and took him with her… i mean my anxiety was through the roof!! i was terrified i would break him… Jess assured me i wouldn't break him or hurt him. But still he's so little and so cute and GAH i wouldn't want to hurt him! hahaha 

ANYWAYS my saturday night was great and tonight i get to enjoy some girl time with my best girly… 
can't wait!! :) 

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