Four years. 
That's four years of laughing my ass off, travelling Canada and the world, listening to rock music and believing in my happy ending. 

Brent has changed my life so drastically it actually scares me sometimes... But it's a good kind of scared. I just never knew you could love someone this much, I mean it's a lot... Like a butterflies in your stomach and your chest is tight, kind of way. 

I am so so SO happy that four years ago we accidentally started dating... We got pushed together by a friend of ours in college, one drunken night and the rest is history. 

This guy has been my rock and best friend for the last four years and seriously I couldn't ask for anyone better to live g life with.

We are not perfect, we fight and argue but we also kiss and makeup (which is ALWAYS the fun part) 

Brent I love you so much and I am so blessed to have found someone as amazing as you. Here's to a lifetime of happiness, love you always and forever.

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