Momma's back

Last night my momma came home... YAY! probably the best thing ever. If you don't know it, me and my mom are super duper close. she's my main woman. my best friend. god I love her! ANYWAYS when mom is away she ALWAYS comes back with gifts. so here are all my lovely presents... but my favourite is probably the fact that she brought my grandma back with her! SO excited.

// The cheetah top and grey sweater are my absolute favourite... GUYS that grey sweater has spikes and PLAID ON IT. I was freaking. out. //

// all my new tops came from my favourite  European store Bershka. I love it //

// Since brent and I are moving in together my mother figured buying us some cutlery was a good idea which I totally agree :) //

// out of everything that I received this was by far the most meaningful gift... My grandmother is 86 and she made this for me. I LOVE homemade gifts, I find that they are made from the heart and just so wonderful. No my name is not Katia but in Portuguese that is how they say my name. Regardless this was the gift that played with my heart strings and made me so happy. I know that one day when she's gone i'll always have this to remember her by and I love it //
This weekend brent and I are just chilling out... I haven't seen the guy in five days. I cannot express how excited I am to live with him. once a week just isn't cutting it. tonight while he was at work I made him a lovely rice, chicken and broccoli casserole and he DUG it. Man i'm telling you I am totally wifey material. I love this domestic stuff. GAH.
I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend. I know I will.



OKAY OKAY OKAY… this girl is BACK in business. I have been working my ass off for the last two weeks and i apologize but i have honestly been so dead tired that blogging was the LAST thing on my mind. BUT tomorrow my mom comes back so all will be well again!! 

SO i decided to write a post since a) Gimena has been on my case and b) i realized how bad i was actually getting when my sisters boyfriend commented on how i haven't posted in a while! SOO Gimena and mitch this ones dedicated just for you ;) 

JUST NOW i watched my best friend perform on CTV Ottawa Morning live and it gave me goosebumps… I am SOO proud of her and her sister. they are a GREAT duo called HighDiamond and you should absolutely buy their music on iTunes! They're gonna be big one day, i just KNOW it!!

I Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week, mine has been crap BUT i'm optimistic that next week will be better :) 

You can watch HighDiamond's performance HERE 

have a wonderful thursday chickens 



I have been MIA. and i promise i have good reason! my mom is away for two weeks and i have literally been working my ass off for the business. its a lot more difficult when its one person running a business instead of two. BUT i've gotten through the first week, i'm exhausted but alive! just one more week to go. this weekend i'm keeping it relaxing and chill. I will definitely have more time to post some posts and i know that that's extremely exciting! 

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend 


baby bradley

Saturday night I had a date with this beautiful stud muffin. I got to babysit brents nephew for four hours (along with his sister) and it was fun but probably the BEST form of birth control! I mean babies are beautiful and gorgeous and i can't wait for the day that brent and i are blessed with our own little bundle of joy BUT i actually can wait because i enjoy my freedom and my sleep. 

I find that now a days so many girls hate the thought of babies.. which is ABSURD to me. I honestly believe that one day being a mom will be the BEST thing ever. I'm still only 22 so having a baby right this moment is absurd haha… however, if it were to happen to me there is not a doubt in my mind that i would keep it. Babies are beautiful blessings and i truly believe that i can pull myself together and do it. 

ahhhh but hanging out with baby bradley was so fun and great, i got a little training in and i really did have fun but i was GLAD his mom got home and took him with her… i mean my anxiety was through the roof!! i was terrified i would break him… Jess assured me i wouldn't break him or hurt him. But still he's so little and so cute and GAH i wouldn't want to hurt him! hahaha 

ANYWAYS my saturday night was great and tonight i get to enjoy some girl time with my best girly… 
can't wait!! :) 



On Thursday my sister and I got free tickets to watch the Anne of Green Gables musical and boy was it dreamy! It was such a good show, so captivating and the girl who played Anne was amazing. She did such a great job! I was so excited… I now have a new found love for Anne Shirley! SOO good. AHH
PS. Brent and I just booked our flights to florida… its OFFICIAL! yay!! I'm so excited… December is gonna be a fun month :) 




Four years. 
That's four years of laughing my ass off, travelling Canada and the world, listening to rock music and believing in my happy ending. 

Brent has changed my life so drastically it actually scares me sometimes... But it's a good kind of scared. I just never knew you could love someone this much, I mean it's a lot... Like a butterflies in your stomach and your chest is tight, kind of way. 

I am so so SO happy that four years ago we accidentally started dating... We got pushed together by a friend of ours in college, one drunken night and the rest is history. 

This guy has been my rock and best friend for the last four years and seriously I couldn't ask for anyone better to live g life with.

We are not perfect, we fight and argue but we also kiss and makeup (which is ALWAYS the fun part) 

Brent I love you so much and I am so blessed to have found someone as amazing as you. Here's to a lifetime of happiness, love you always and forever.


still a kid

Sometimes I feel like a little girl pretending to be grown up… with all the changes that are going on in my life right now, i'm terrified, excited and so filled with love its unbelievable. Brent and I will be moving in together in the near future and its such an exhilarating feeling… like ahhh I'm moving out, I get to be on my own and make my own decisions. BUT hold up the phone I'm moving in with another human being, my boyfriend… things could get interesting! Obviously I am more than thrilled that we are taking the next step in our relationship, this week we will be going on FOUR years of being together… did you hear that? FOUR YEARS! Man we have been together longer then some people have been married lol… but now it seems like the real world is setting in. Now we gotta see if we work as well living together than we do when we are living apart. I mean what if he doesn't take out the garbage or what if we just fight all the time lol I DONT KNOW you guys its stressing me out!! 

When Brent and I go to target and we look at curtains and quilts and all the house crap that you need to furnish ones house... i ALWAYS feel like "what the hell am I doing, I'm still a kid" seriously guys as much as i LOVE to buy stuff for my future house… I honestly believe I am still a child deep deep down… but i'm a child who enjoys staying in on weekends with a wine glass in her hand. 

I feel like just yesterday that i was in grade 8 with braces, wavy unruly hair and dreaming of boys… But now there are no braces, there is a boyfriend and I actually have boobs but I'm still at heart that big dork from back then haha.

And you know what its OKAY. I know i will ALWAYS still be this goofy dorky fun loving kid. I am a child at heart who enjoys to pretend she knows what she's doing… Brent and I will be FINE. We're gonna have fun (right?) and life is gonna really throw us some curve balls but BRING IT ON. We got this… who says you can't be a kid in a grown ups body? 




hello all!
How was your weekend? Mine was just dandy! I got to visit a good friend of mine in Peterborough and it was so fun! My parents drove me up... it's about a 2.5 hour drive from home and being the sweet overprotective parents that they are, they just insisted on going with me! Who am I to say no to a free ride? But seriously though... I'm so glad they did, we had so many fun and deep conversations. I seriously love spending time with my parents. They're my world.

ANYWAYS, less sap. I met up with Karen and we just had the ultimate girls night! Beers & wings (okay that's a bit boyish but whatever) we came home and watched funny movies and just talked. ahhh I love girl talks... especially with sweet Karen. She has been such an amazing friend, I truly love that girl! It was a much needed catch up! I had the most wonderful time that I forgot to take pictures! haha it was that great! :)

How was your weekend?! Ps. Brent and I are going on four years this week! AHHH it's crazy... there will definitely be a post about that ;)




Today one of my greatest friends is 21. The big 21! AHHH I'm so excited for her and I'm wishing her the happiest and loveliest birthday ever! Gimena and I have not known each other long... only about a year but we have only been super close for a few months. I am so thankful to have her as a friend, she is as good as they get. Since I know she will definitely be reading this today (she is my biggest fan) I want to just say...

Gimena, thank you so much for being such a great friend. It's people like you who make life a little easier and a lot brighter. I am so glad Catina introduced us, we are a strong triangle and will always stay together. I love you dearly and hope you have only the BEST day ever. Do NOT let anyone ruin it for you! I love you bubba, always and forever xoxoxo 

// I made her the blanket AND the coasters :) // 


weekend fun

OKAY… is it the weekend yet? No, but seriously can it be? I am SO blah this week my goodness gracious. this dreary weather is bringing me DOWN! BUT alas tonight I shall be saved by my best friends because it's GIRLS NIGHT! YAY!! 

Anywayyyssss… this post should probably have been posted on sunday, but it's my blog so I do what I want ;) and to be completely honest, it's not even that important of a post HA! So this one here is for Gimena, so that she doesn't yell at me for not posting something. EVERYDAY this week I will post something to do with something, so that neither my mother or Gimena can give me crap.

okay. lets begin, shall we? 

So Sunday I went to Toronto with my family and Brent. We had a very lovely dinner at a portuguese restaurant called Bairrada. let me tell yeah… the steak was GOOD! I love portuguese food, yes yes yes I am biased but whatever its good and makes me happy.

After lunch Brent, my sister and I met up with a friend of ours to check out the new aquarium. We were all very giddy, I mean who doesn't love fishies!! As soon as we got there we saw a line, but oh no not a normal line this line was SOO long, like abnormally long. like over 700 people long. I mean it was cold and I did not need to see the fish THAT bad. So we skipped it but that's okay! it gives me an excuse to go back ;) YAY! Instead we decided to just walk around and have a day on the town! I think its safe to say it was a fun day regardless! 

Now if this weekend could hurry up that would be grrrrreat! Am I right? 


// my outfit for the day… I was digging it. PS Forever21 shirt I ordered online! ;) //



YOU GUYS… I did something over the weekend that i'm very very happy with! I cut my hair. I honestly feel like I chopped it off! It's not that drastic but its enough where I feel like i look different… sophisticated, mature, dare i say it? older! **GASP** but in all seriousness I'm totally digging my hair cut. haha I'm so dramatic that I made brent think I cut it up to my chin. He totally thought I had done something unforgivable… but when he saw it he's just like "ITS NOT THAT SHORT!!" its safe to say he really REALLY liked it. Especially since it wasn't cut like a boy haha! 

I feel like since there are SO many changes going on in my life right now, it was time to make a slight appearance change! I'll be ombreing my hair next weekend so i'll post more pictures of that soon :) 

ps. It's crazy how much healthier, full and less thin my hair is looking. I have the poor case of thin hair and bald spots (I'm not even being dramatic about that it's totally so very true) but my hair seriously just looks and feels so much better… I'm such a HAPPY GAL!


// Before //

// After //


Halloween 2013

This post is a little late but I would have to blame the show 'Once Upon a Time' for that one… It's taking over my life and i'm seriously not that mad about it! haha anyways I hope everyones halloween was great… mine was a little bit of good but a little bit of bad. It rained all night, so i got little to no trick or treaters. It made me really really sad! Other than that I spent my halloween weekend with my girl friends! On Thursday I dressed up as a mime and Friday as an amazing race contestant! My costumes cost me a total of $2.77 haha most of it was in my closet and all I really needed was the face make up! haha can you say WIN? especially for a girl on a budget! :) I hope everyone had a wonderful and fun halloween!