Teenzfav Awards

oh my, i have not posted in a few days... sorry 'bout that! i've been awfully busy with work and i got myself a new toy... a laptop! yay!! the last time i had a laptop was like 7 years ago... so it's very very nice to actually have my own now! 

anywho... on saturday the girls and i got to attend the first ever teenzfav awards! we were there to support our lovely friends HighDiamond... and they did FABULOUS! it was so much fun and a really great night! i think that the highlight of my night was being in the same room as brody jenner... i mean you guys, he was RIGHT there and TOTALLY winked at me ;) he's a babe and you know i was totally fangirling but in the best way! no dramatic ridiculousness here, only mind undressing and terribly good thoughts ;) haha all jokes aside there were a bunch of "famous" people there! we got to see vita chambers perform, timothy delaghetto, a bunch of degrassi kids and so much more! it was a terribly fun night! 

after the show we headed home and got stuck in a traffic jam, thanks to construction. but worry not my friends we totally made the best of it. i have not sang and danced in a car as much as i did on saturday in YEARS and damn it felt good! i love spending time with my girls. it's always a fabulous time!


HighDiamond performed wonderfully! you guys can click HERE to watch their whole performance! its well worth it, i promise ;) 

how FUN is my batman mask? got it with my happy meal awww yeah :) 

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