you guyssss, my first ever online purchase is gonna be arriving today! I'm pretty excited! I also got a really cute love & coffee tote but apparently it is no longer for sale on the site! I think its an exciting little purchase since i spent less than 20 bucks on everything (including shipping) i'm a bargain shopper hollaaaa! 

anyways this weekend was a pretty decent one, didn't do very much... there was a lot of relaxing and cuddling in bed done. I am NOT kidding! But i did venture out into the world on sunday for a baptism which was a fun time! 

I am not looking forward for the week... it means work blahhh! but thats okay... gotta work HARD to play hard amiright? ;) I hope everyone has a fab week! I'm sure I'll be back with something boring to write :) 


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