YOU GUYS.... DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? okay okay let me make it a little easier for you... you see that little 'heynataliejean' recurrence in all three pictures? WELL YES THATS NAT THE FAT RAT liking my fricken picture. 

yes i screamed like a little girl at a justin bieber concert when i saw it. 

a little side note... heynataliejean is by far my favourite blogger. i have been following her for over a year and she's basically the reason i began to blog. i find her to be stylish, quirky, silly and a fabulous mom. i am not one to have many famous role models but i have to honestly say i admire her and she to me is a total role model. i love her blog and her! its safe to say i'm just SO SO excited i got a like from her haha it made my day. i think you guys should totally check out her rad blog.  www.heynataliejean.com 

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