life as of lately has been very very dull... i'm hoping it'll get more exciting soon because these last few weeks have been all about work. I have also been very sick lately. I have slight asthma and as soon as the weather gets below 10 degrees i get sick as a dog and my asthma gets real bad. i mean difficult to breath and mega mega chest pains. blahhhhh its not fun but it could be worse!! 

I have been reading a lot lately, brent bought me a book called The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I'm hoping to start doing a reviews of the books i have been reading because I am a serious serious book worm and love to share my happiness of the books i read! 

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful week and thank god its wednesday! only two more days until the weekend! YAY! 


ps. those pictures are from last week and they make me giggle EVERY time i see them! we're such goofs it makes my heart happy. 

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