I have been on my couch all afternoon feeling pretty lousy (heath wise)... so naturally i log onto brent's netflix and start watching a movie (pictured above) I have this problem, well more like an annoyance. its this thing that i do because i get major major anxiety whenever i watch a thriller/drama. I go on wikipedia and find out how it ends! Usually i don't mind this and just continue to watch my movie BUT today I HATED THE ENDING! So what do i do? Obviously, I stop the movie. I was just too disappointed. 

This little habit of mine drives brent NUTS. I mean he gets real annoyed, takes my phone away and tells me to just watch the dang movie! BUT i just can't help it... I cannot for the life of me watch anything remotely scary/terrifying etc. etc. I just have no tolerance for scary movies... I mean i will have a full blown panic attack. It's pretty sad, but it is what it is. it's kind of ridiculous... i mean i tried watching ONE episode of walking dead, i got through it but i had nightmares all night and Brent would have to wake up in the middle of the night to walk me to the bathroom. haha oh kathy you silly silly lady! 

Well that's my blurb for the night! I'm going to go watch a romantic comedy now because those make me happy and not terrified at night! 



  1. hahahha definitely watch a romantic comedy instead! xo

    1. haha it was definitely less stressful and it made me A LOT happier :)