Grown up things

MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS. since i'm aging (hardly) I have been thinking a lot about the future (what else is new?)... Brent and i have always discussed about the type of home we would love to buy one day. There are a bunch of styles that we like, although NONE are modern, THANK GOD! I hate new homes, I find that they are just too too modern and I have an old soul. Therefore i need myself a nice OLD home with a million crooks and crannies!

ANYWAYS. We would love a farm house (like the one above) or an old victorian house... near brents place there are SOO MANY that are seriously to die for. They are so dreamy... and I can only imagine how many secret rooms and high ceilings there are. AHHHH i'm seriously obsessed... but a girl can dream right? Maybe one day :)


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