Busy Kat

Remember when about two-three weeks ago I was complaining about being bored/free all the time and how i yearned to be busy once again?! YEAH well that happened. it's as if as soon as October hit it has been GO GO GO. I've been working with my mom A LOT these days... running a company is no easy task! But I have to admit that I am SO glad to be busy... so much has been happening and it's all be SO GOOD! 

October you have been AMAZING! 

We learned that my "sister-in-laws" (I add quotations because i am not married yet but we still call each other that) boyfriends house was sold, which is triple quadroople YAY! And also probably the MOST exciting news of all... we have a brand spanking new family member! Brent's brothers wife had a beautiful little boy on October 9th! You can say hello to Bradley Adam Swance! He is such a beaut. I could eat him up! He's just so cute... and I am oh so proud of his mommy. She is a trooper and she is gonna be the most amazing mother! 

Sidenote: I was also in a music video this week! AHHH! it was so exciting! The video is for 
HighDiamond's first release 'Broken' it was a total blast to shoot and i am SO glad i was asked to be a part of it. i LOVE supporting my best friend!

 YAY for october.

Seriously. The end of this year has been so much better than the whole beginning! I hope it stays this way! 


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