hello my loves! I hope everyone had a splendid weekend because I know I did! I spent a lot of time with brent which is ALWAYS my favourite. What can I say? I just dig the guy. On monday my wonderful mom gave me the day off so that brent and I could do some celebrating (news to be announced ;) We were going to go to Toronto to the aquarium but since the thought of driving in Toronto gives both of us ulcers, we decided to go on the weekend when my parents can take us! SOO instead we decided to FINALLY visit Niagara-on-the-Lake. Goodness gracious that town is gorgeous! We had such a lovely day walking around looking at the old shops it was wonderful! 

We also had a great dinner at a greek restaurant, we were the ONLY people in there and by golly it was DELICIOUS. Greek food is absolutely up there on my favourite types of food. We had so much fun walking around and talking, I loved every minute of it. 

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a good week too! I know it's gonna be a busy one... but I can't wait for Halloween! BABY COSTUMES ARE MY FAVOURITE!! ahhhhhh i'm so excited!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


// my man always has his camera on him! //

// the restaurant had a real cute feel to it! // 

// Prince of Wales Hotel, so beautiful // 

ps. Recently I have broken out RIDICULOUSLY with acne. I'm used to getting a couple of zits every once in a while but lately it's been too much. So I have stopped wearing makeup for the last week and a half... I don't feel like I'm looking pretty BUT my skin has cleared up tremendously. So i think i'm gonna stick to this no make up deal and only wear it when i'm going out on the weekends!! 


Bridal show

Brent had his first ever bridal show today! (he's actually currently still there!) I am so proud of him, he's doing what he loves and he's looking good doing it! Hopefully he will get hired for some new weddings! It's so exciting seeing him and his buddy working! I decorated the table for them today... since they're boys and had no idea what they were doing! I think it turned out okay...  I did my best for my first time! They seemed happy with it and that's all that matters! 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Mine went by WAY to fast! 



life as of lately has been very very dull... i'm hoping it'll get more exciting soon because these last few weeks have been all about work. I have also been very sick lately. I have slight asthma and as soon as the weather gets below 10 degrees i get sick as a dog and my asthma gets real bad. i mean difficult to breath and mega mega chest pains. blahhhhh its not fun but it could be worse!! 

I have been reading a lot lately, brent bought me a book called The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I'm hoping to start doing a reviews of the books i have been reading because I am a serious serious book worm and love to share my happiness of the books i read! 

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful week and thank god its wednesday! only two more days until the weekend! YAY! 


ps. those pictures are from last week and they make me giggle EVERY time i see them! we're such goofs it makes my heart happy. 


you guyssss, my first ever online purchase is gonna be arriving today! I'm pretty excited! I also got a really cute love & coffee tote but apparently it is no longer for sale on the site! I think its an exciting little purchase since i spent less than 20 bucks on everything (including shipping) i'm a bargain shopper hollaaaa! 

anyways this weekend was a pretty decent one, didn't do very much... there was a lot of relaxing and cuddling in bed done. I am NOT kidding! But i did venture out into the world on sunday for a baptism which was a fun time! 

I am not looking forward for the week... it means work blahhh! but thats okay... gotta work HARD to play hard amiright? ;) I hope everyone has a fab week! I'm sure I'll be back with something boring to write :) 



Grown up things

MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS. since i'm aging (hardly) I have been thinking a lot about the future (what else is new?)... Brent and i have always discussed about the type of home we would love to buy one day. There are a bunch of styles that we like, although NONE are modern, THANK GOD! I hate new homes, I find that they are just too too modern and I have an old soul. Therefore i need myself a nice OLD home with a million crooks and crannies!

ANYWAYS. We would love a farm house (like the one above) or an old victorian house... near brents place there are SOO MANY that are seriously to die for. They are so dreamy... and I can only imagine how many secret rooms and high ceilings there are. AHHHH i'm seriously obsessed... but a girl can dream right? Maybe one day :)



I have been on my couch all afternoon feeling pretty lousy (heath wise)... so naturally i log onto brent's netflix and start watching a movie (pictured above) I have this problem, well more like an annoyance. its this thing that i do because i get major major anxiety whenever i watch a thriller/drama. I go on wikipedia and find out how it ends! Usually i don't mind this and just continue to watch my movie BUT today I HATED THE ENDING! So what do i do? Obviously, I stop the movie. I was just too disappointed. 

This little habit of mine drives brent NUTS. I mean he gets real annoyed, takes my phone away and tells me to just watch the dang movie! BUT i just can't help it... I cannot for the life of me watch anything remotely scary/terrifying etc. etc. I just have no tolerance for scary movies... I mean i will have a full blown panic attack. It's pretty sad, but it is what it is. it's kind of ridiculous... i mean i tried watching ONE episode of walking dead, i got through it but i had nightmares all night and Brent would have to wake up in the middle of the night to walk me to the bathroom. haha oh kathy you silly silly lady! 

Well that's my blurb for the night! I'm going to go watch a romantic comedy now because those make me happy and not terrified at night! 



October picks

So i have decided that i want to start making favourite picks every month, whether it be beauty, home or clothing! Today i decided to do home, since brent and i are moving in together soon i feel like its appropriate to list all the things we want/already have! 

Right now we are the proud owners of everything but the lamp and calendar. And i need them STAT! Those two i believe are must haves! I believe that my absolute favourite thing would have to be the deer head... brent and i saw it at winners and just NEEDED it. (i listed one that looks almost like ours but you can find it on ebay) 

Buying things for the home is probably one of my favourite things ever! 


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Hey everyone! Just wanted to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving! Although i believe we should be thankful everyday, its fun to have a weekend dedicated to great food, family and fun! I am so thankful for the family, boyfriend and friends i have. I am a very lucky girl to be as loved as i am! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and eat a ton of great food!



Busy Kat

Remember when about two-three weeks ago I was complaining about being bored/free all the time and how i yearned to be busy once again?! YEAH well that happened. it's as if as soon as October hit it has been GO GO GO. I've been working with my mom A LOT these days... running a company is no easy task! But I have to admit that I am SO glad to be busy... so much has been happening and it's all be SO GOOD! 

October you have been AMAZING! 

We learned that my "sister-in-laws" (I add quotations because i am not married yet but we still call each other that) boyfriends house was sold, which is triple quadroople YAY! And also probably the MOST exciting news of all... we have a brand spanking new family member! Brent's brothers wife had a beautiful little boy on October 9th! You can say hello to Bradley Adam Swance! He is such a beaut. I could eat him up! He's just so cute... and I am oh so proud of his mommy. She is a trooper and she is gonna be the most amazing mother! 

Sidenote: I was also in a music video this week! AHHH! it was so exciting! The video is for 
HighDiamond's first release 'Broken' it was a total blast to shoot and i am SO glad i was asked to be a part of it. i LOVE supporting my best friend!

 YAY for october.

Seriously. The end of this year has been so much better than the whole beginning! I hope it stays this way! 




YOU GUYS.... DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? okay okay let me make it a little easier for you... you see that little 'heynataliejean' recurrence in all three pictures? WELL YES THATS NAT THE FAT RAT liking my fricken picture. 

yes i screamed like a little girl at a justin bieber concert when i saw it. 

a little side note... heynataliejean is by far my favourite blogger. i have been following her for over a year and she's basically the reason i began to blog. i find her to be stylish, quirky, silly and a fabulous mom. i am not one to have many famous role models but i have to honestly say i admire her and she to me is a total role model. i love her blog and her! its safe to say i'm just SO SO excited i got a like from her haha it made my day. i think you guys should totally check out her rad blog.  www.heynataliejean.com 


Teenzfav Awards

oh my, i have not posted in a few days... sorry 'bout that! i've been awfully busy with work and i got myself a new toy... a laptop! yay!! the last time i had a laptop was like 7 years ago... so it's very very nice to actually have my own now! 

anywho... on saturday the girls and i got to attend the first ever teenzfav awards! we were there to support our lovely friends HighDiamond... and they did FABULOUS! it was so much fun and a really great night! i think that the highlight of my night was being in the same room as brody jenner... i mean you guys, he was RIGHT there and TOTALLY winked at me ;) he's a babe and you know i was totally fangirling but in the best way! no dramatic ridiculousness here, only mind undressing and terribly good thoughts ;) haha all jokes aside there were a bunch of "famous" people there! we got to see vita chambers perform, timothy delaghetto, a bunch of degrassi kids and so much more! it was a terribly fun night! 

after the show we headed home and got stuck in a traffic jam, thanks to construction. but worry not my friends we totally made the best of it. i have not sang and danced in a car as much as i did on saturday in YEARS and damn it felt good! i love spending time with my girls. it's always a fabulous time!


HighDiamond performed wonderfully! you guys can click HERE to watch their whole performance! its well worth it, i promise ;) 

how FUN is my batman mask? got it with my happy meal awww yeah :)