I'm in a rut.

rut, rut, rut... what is it really like being in a rut? WELL let me tell you! these past few weeks, everyone has started school, moved away and begun their own little adventures again. and i'm stuck at home working with my mom, it doesn't upset me i'm working with her.. but its time for a change.

i'm ready for my own adventure. i want to move out. i want to start something new but dangit its just not happening! i know its all me who has to get the ball rolling but lord knows i have tried! but you know what? i feel it deep down in the bottoms of my belly that something GOOD is going to happen soon and i will go right back to being the happy loud girl i am! and i can't wait! 

NOW onto the little goodness in my life... i started the mortal instruments series last week... and i'm already on book four (yes, thats how bored i have been three 500 page books in less than 7 days) i must say though that the series is AWESOME. its different than the other series i have read... there is a love story but it is so complicated and kind of hardly there until the fourth book. but surprisingly i love it! 

Had a girls night with my two best gals and my mood was INSTANTLY boosted up! we have some really exciting plans... and as soon as i am allowed to publicly discuss it, it shall be announced! 

and now a nightlight... why? do you ask... well since i started reading mortal instruments, i have become terrified of the dark. unless i'm sleeping at brents... he fights off all the monsters under the bed ;) but yes it is true... having this little teacup nightlight makes me sleep that much better since i know that there for sure aren't any demons, vampires or werewolves hiding around ;) 

tomorrow brent and i have a nice fun wedding to attend so i will post some pictures and all that jazz!
have a great weekend y'all


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