Feeling 22

this weekend one of my best friends turned 22. we had a nice little get together for her and really had a great time! 

catina and i have been friend since we were in kindergarden, she is truly an amazing friend and i love her to death. she is also a part of a sister duo band called High Diamond, their first single 'Broken' is an awesome song and on youtube & you can buy it on iTunes... so you should probably click HERE and watch it  ;) 

i am so glad i got to spend her special day with her and i am SO beyond proud of this girl. one day she will be performing in front of thousands of people and she will be so amazing at it! 

Catina, heres to an awesome 22nd year and to many many more! i love you to death and keep on shining! 

here are some pictures of our night :)


my boyfriend is such a goof.

the three musketeers.

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