Fairytale wedding

yesterday my family, brent and i got to attend davina and jorge's fairytale wedding nuptials, and boy did they have a pretty wedding! the venue was in the middle of no where, in a town called caledon and it was one of the prettiest venues i have ever been to!
i loved how the whole wedding was in one location, there was no four hour break in between, which was fabulous. the ceremony was close to the water which made a beautiful background. it was just a real dream wedding!
(i'm not really sure why, but i cant resize my images for some reason! sorry 'bout that)


mmm cake pops!


mom and dad looking real cute! they make me so so very happy, i mean after 25 years they are still as happy as can be! i love it.

very often people mistake us for twins.... i honestly don't see it?

i LOVE a man in suspenders... especially my man! he's such a stud!


often times i hear people complain about being in relationships... and i just don't understand why. i canNOT imagine my life without this man right here. i am truly so blessed to have him in my life. he is my rock, my better half. when you find that, don't let it go. not for anyone.
weddings are by far my favourite things to attend. i LOVE seeing the joining of two people, its their one day to shine. and seeing how happy they are makes me so happy. love is such a special thing and it makes me so sad how often people take it for granted.

congrats davina & jorge! i wish you all the happiness in the world!

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