a post about my thoughts

i've been sitting on the couch all afternoon, bored out of my mind. so i text my girlfriend and say "i should blog, but i have nothing to blog about" so in return she says "post something about your thoughts."

so here we are having a nice little post about my thoughts.
in a month and a half it'll be the one year anniversary since i went on my amazing eurotrip. unfortunately, this year i will not be counting down the days for ANYTHING remotely exciting. insert over dramatic end of the world sigh here.

i've been messaging brent, asking, begging, PLEADING that we go on an adventure. do something crazy. just fricken leave. and as much as he wants to, we have yet to do anything. why must normal life be so boring?

i'm ready for a change, for excitement, for a new world. i want to explore and discover. is that too much to ask for? for the LONGEST time i wanted my own house, a full time job, to get married and to start "real life" but what is "real life"? working a dead end job and feeling miserable? ugh, no thanks. i think its safe to say that i'm going to look for a new adventure. and as soon as i find out what that is, i'll let you know ;)

OH also mom and dad are coming home tonight after they deserted my sister and i and went on their own little adventure! i'm so excited for them to be home and to have one of my moms home cooked meal!! yay!


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