a post about my thoughts

i've been sitting on the couch all afternoon, bored out of my mind. so i text my girlfriend and say "i should blog, but i have nothing to blog about" so in return she says "post something about your thoughts."

so here we are having a nice little post about my thoughts.
in a month and a half it'll be the one year anniversary since i went on my amazing eurotrip. unfortunately, this year i will not be counting down the days for ANYTHING remotely exciting. insert over dramatic end of the world sigh here.

i've been messaging brent, asking, begging, PLEADING that we go on an adventure. do something crazy. just fricken leave. and as much as he wants to, we have yet to do anything. why must normal life be so boring?

i'm ready for a change, for excitement, for a new world. i want to explore and discover. is that too much to ask for? for the LONGEST time i wanted my own house, a full time job, to get married and to start "real life" but what is "real life"? working a dead end job and feeling miserable? ugh, no thanks. i think its safe to say that i'm going to look for a new adventure. and as soon as i find out what that is, i'll let you know ;)

OH also mom and dad are coming home tonight after they deserted my sister and i and went on their own little adventure! i'm so excited for them to be home and to have one of my moms home cooked meal!! yay!



chicago 2013

i finally found some time to make a small video of our trip to chicago! i'm so excited that it's done and how cute it looks! i have to remember to video tape more and more of our trips, these memories are always so great to have :)



new and improved

WELCOME to the new 'the dainty kat' previously known as 'my vida linda'! 

ahhh this new template and name feels like a breath of fresh air! i'm hoping the name will make it much easier for my friends and family to remember! 

i have spent a grisly five or so hours fixing all of this up and i can honestly say i'm exhausted and ready for bed! BUT on the bright side i have a pretty blog and i'm happy! time for some changes in my life and i figured i'd start small and change my blog! hope you all enjoy it!

ps. a shout out to my best friend gimena who encouraged me to make a change. thanks for everything. you da bomb. i love you!



Feeling 22

this weekend one of my best friends turned 22. we had a nice little get together for her and really had a great time! 

catina and i have been friend since we were in kindergarden, she is truly an amazing friend and i love her to death. she is also a part of a sister duo band called High Diamond, their first single 'Broken' is an awesome song and on youtube & you can buy it on iTunes... so you should probably click HERE and watch it  ;) 

i am so glad i got to spend her special day with her and i am SO beyond proud of this girl. one day she will be performing in front of thousands of people and she will be so amazing at it! 

Catina, heres to an awesome 22nd year and to many many more! i love you to death and keep on shining! 

here are some pictures of our night :)


my boyfriend is such a goof.

the three musketeers.


just keep swimming.

lately i honestly feel like the queen of debbie downers. i cannot believe how negative and awful i have been feeling, all because i cant find a job. it's ridiculous if you ask me and completely unnecessary. i have a wonderful life. a loving family. an amazing boyfriend. i'm HEALTHY. there are so many people who have harder lives. i'm so lucky, yet i feel like such a failure.

you know, society really takes a toll on you once in a while. there is such a vision as to what you should be or where you should be at a certain age. it's unfair... i'm trying so hard to be positive. but its so hard when you have that constant reminder from people who shouldn't even matter that you should be doing better. i feel myself just burying myself, deeper and deeper in a hole and its becoming harder and harder to crawl out of it. 

i need to start being more positive. maybe a new job hasn't been coming my way because i'm supposed to do something better? maybe i'm confused about my future because i need to be reminded to enjoy the right now. i worry SO MUCH about my future, its sickening. instead of enjoying my 20s i'm focused on my 30s and what i want to be by then (even though i haven't the SLIGHTEST clue what that will be) 

i just think i need to stop. stop it all. stop the worrying. the over thinking. the freaking out. the depression. and just focus on the good of my life and just ROLL with it. life will figure itself out right? i'll get it right eventually. and how dory would say... 

"when life gets ya down, do you wanna know what you've gotta do? JUST KEEP SWIMMING, JUST KEEP SWIMMING, JUST KEEP SWIMMING!" 

it's gonna be alright. 



Fairytale wedding

yesterday my family, brent and i got to attend davina and jorge's fairytale wedding nuptials, and boy did they have a pretty wedding! the venue was in the middle of no where, in a town called caledon and it was one of the prettiest venues i have ever been to!
i loved how the whole wedding was in one location, there was no four hour break in between, which was fabulous. the ceremony was close to the water which made a beautiful background. it was just a real dream wedding!
(i'm not really sure why, but i cant resize my images for some reason! sorry 'bout that)


mmm cake pops!


mom and dad looking real cute! they make me so so very happy, i mean after 25 years they are still as happy as can be! i love it.

very often people mistake us for twins.... i honestly don't see it?

i LOVE a man in suspenders... especially my man! he's such a stud!


often times i hear people complain about being in relationships... and i just don't understand why. i canNOT imagine my life without this man right here. i am truly so blessed to have him in my life. he is my rock, my better half. when you find that, don't let it go. not for anyone.
weddings are by far my favourite things to attend. i LOVE seeing the joining of two people, its their one day to shine. and seeing how happy they are makes me so happy. love is such a special thing and it makes me so sad how often people take it for granted.

congrats davina & jorge! i wish you all the happiness in the world!


I'm in a rut.

rut, rut, rut... what is it really like being in a rut? WELL let me tell you! these past few weeks, everyone has started school, moved away and begun their own little adventures again. and i'm stuck at home working with my mom, it doesn't upset me i'm working with her.. but its time for a change.

i'm ready for my own adventure. i want to move out. i want to start something new but dangit its just not happening! i know its all me who has to get the ball rolling but lord knows i have tried! but you know what? i feel it deep down in the bottoms of my belly that something GOOD is going to happen soon and i will go right back to being the happy loud girl i am! and i can't wait! 

NOW onto the little goodness in my life... i started the mortal instruments series last week... and i'm already on book four (yes, thats how bored i have been three 500 page books in less than 7 days) i must say though that the series is AWESOME. its different than the other series i have read... there is a love story but it is so complicated and kind of hardly there until the fourth book. but surprisingly i love it! 

Had a girls night with my two best gals and my mood was INSTANTLY boosted up! we have some really exciting plans... and as soon as i am allowed to publicly discuss it, it shall be announced! 

and now a nightlight... why? do you ask... well since i started reading mortal instruments, i have become terrified of the dark. unless i'm sleeping at brents... he fights off all the monsters under the bed ;) but yes it is true... having this little teacup nightlight makes me sleep that much better since i know that there for sure aren't any demons, vampires or werewolves hiding around ;) 

tomorrow brent and i have a nice fun wedding to attend so i will post some pictures and all that jazz!
have a great weekend y'all



the windy city

for labour day weekend brent and i paid a little visit to the windy city. we drove down along with his cousin and his girlfriend. it was a very long drive but i have to admit, it was well worth the eight hours cramped in the car. 

chicago is a very dreamy city. the buildings are gorgeous and there is such a cool feeling to it, its hard to explain. i just felt like i was in a movie walking down the quiet streets, looking at the gorgeous stone buildings and enjoying some amazing company along with it... all that was missing was some epic background music ;) . we ate out a bunch, drank a lot too and really just enjoyed being tourists in a new big city.

the weird thing about chicago is that there are hardly any garbage cans around... but yet the city is spotless. its amazing how clean it was for being such a big city, i feel like that added to the beauty of it and really made it stand out.

on our first night there we ate the famous chicago deep dish, it was delicious... but gave me a bit of a  stomach ache... i don't know if it was the alcohol or the fact that i hadn't really eaten anything since lunch. but it could have definitely been that long island iced tea i drank, i mean there was hardly any juice in it, pretty much straight up liquor! brent felt the need to "help me out" since i probably would've crawled out of there instead of walked haha. 

anywayyyss... on our second/last full day there (three days and two nights seriously was not enough time) we did a bunch of sightseeing, walked along the water to the pier where we got to enjoy some beautiful views. my legs are still sore from so much walking! for dinner we ate at this neat rooftop restaurant! i mean i have never been to a restaurant on a rooftop! it was just so awesome! afterwards we made our way out to a bar called 'Howl at the Moon' it was hands down the best bar i have ever been to and i highly recommend it to anyone who visits chicago! It's a piano duelling type deal and the live band is AMAZING. Brent is a musician who hates top 40s music, so i was a little worried he wouldn't enjoy our night out... and even though the band did play a lot of top 40s they also did mix in a lot of oldies and brent really enjoyed himself. i think all four of us did... we pretty much talked about it the whole way home! 

our trip to chicago was successful and great, i would absolutely love to visit it again but spend more time in the city so that i'd get the chance to check out their museums! sorry about the long post... but i just had to tell ya how great the trip was!! hope everyone had a great long weekend! Down below are some pictures i took with my phone!




funny story about our pizza, so both couples each ordered their own pizza... we were surprised by how big they were and were a little bummed we didn't all order one instead of two, since they were a little pricey! anyways, we each ate what we could and packed up the rest to eat the next day! SOO the next morning we decide to go sightseeing for a bit. once lunch time comes around we head back to our hotel for our leftover lunch! SOOO... we get in our room and GOOD NEWS is we had our room cleaned and beds made and yadayada. BAD NEWS is the cleaning ladies threw out our pizza! ALMOST TWO FULL PIZZAS! UGHHHH... can you say worst luck? we did put in a complaint, but we understood that they were just doing their jobs! lol that's definitely a story for the books. 


 aren't we just the cutest. that man has my whole heart. 


thank you chicago for being so wonderfully dreamy. i'll see you again soon!