you're lovely

this weekend was wonderful and heartbreaking.

saturday brent and i had a wonderful day in london, we decided to get out of woodstock and do something fun. we went to the mall, where might i add i did NOT buy anything (yay for me!) i then introduced brent to beertown, because i mean why not? and the boy was impressed... i mean a place where they have over 100 beers what man wouldnt like that! 

after our adventures we went back to the farm where the boys all got together and jammed, it was great to watch but then it got cold and i head to go inside.. WHY IS IT FREEZING IN AUGUST! its absurd. 

i also ombre'd my hair this weekend.. all by myself. i was terrified it would either turn out real good or real bad. thankfully it looks pretty good. so snaps for me!

now for the heartbreaking. 

August 4th, my Grandfather passed away. it honestly wasn't very surprising but it does kind of hit you as you begin to realize that this special person is forever gone and i'm going to miss him. although growing up i never got to spend much time with him in december i did spend a great amount of my vacation with him, which was wonderful and warms my heart. my grandfather was very strong man and someone who i will always look up to. his love for my grandmother was the strongest force of love i have ever seen in my life. 60 years together is a long time folks and that man loved her until his very last breath. 

Avo, i hope you know we love you so much and i pray you will always watch over us. You're with terry now which gives me great comfort. I pray that you rest in the sweetest peace. 

In our hearts forever and always. 


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