thursday night was SOO GOOD!! Natalie, Catina and I finally reunited and had a girls night out. something we haven't done in forever. it was probably the BEST thing ever. catina and I drove up to London and had a lovely dinner with Natalie and her roommate. the food was good but the company was better.
as we were pre-drinking before going to the bar we decided to play a game where we had three different coloured die and one person (Natalie) would keep them all in their hand and shake them while the other three would guess a colour and a number. well what you're about to hear is mind blowing! All four of us guessed at least one correctly, one right after the other. I mean the odds of all four of us guessing a correct colour and number is kind of really low. we slightly freaked out once the fourth correct guess was made... it was pret-ty cool if I do say so myself!
just a slight side note: although there was heavy drinking involved the guessing game was played at the beginning of the night, we were sober. it was a real deal thing ;)


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