Oh Mondays.


mondays its the start of the work week. blah!
although i'm not working today we're back to babysitting the kids again, so it has been crazy and hectic around here, oh my. 

anywho, my weekend was pretty good! brent and i didn't really do much except for hang out. brent worked all weekend and his cousin from vancouver was down for a visit, so we spent a bit of time with him too. 

yesterday i spent the afternoon at home cleaning and making dinner, wifey status right there. i was actually pretty bored and since my mans been working like a dog these past few weeks i figured i'd do something nice for the guy. 

anyways, today we already took a walk to the park and played there for a bit. the sun is hot and beautiful and i'm not even mad about it. i mean its about time the sun started shining... even if its just for the last two weeks of summer! yay! 

hoping everyone has a great week! 


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