i find that sometimes i have the terrible habit of thinking about all the things that go wrong in my life. instead of counting my blessings i focus on what i don't have. this past week i have decided that i need to STOP doing that and seriously focus on how beautiful my life really is... so i decided to make a list of all the things that make ME happy.
- my amazingly loving family
- i'm in love with a handsome caring man who loves me completely for who i am, freak outs and all
- drinking tea and reading a good book
- having girls nights
- being surrounded by good friends
- i'm healthy
- travelling, boy that's one of my favourites
- soon i'll have my own place
- brent and i just received our new couch, yay!!
- watching my little cousin grow up
- visiting pinky and NYC, my FAV city
- a good glass of wine or a few but you know what i mean... right?
- cuddling
that's just a little list of my reasons to be happy, life is such a special thing i refuse to live it only focusing on that bad. what makes you happy?


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