darling afternoons

dear momma, 
please don't ever change. 

this afternoon i just spent some quality time with my momma, well actually we spent all day together. but that's besides the point. this afternoon we did a bit of running around, spending money... you know lady things. it was fabulous. 

i bought a couple of books, since i have FINALLY returned to choosing reading over watching tv. i seriously don't know why i stopped. i mean reading is so awesome, it allows me to escape the world. when something awful (and good too!) is going on in my life i turn to books, they take me away from reality for a few hours and give my brain peace. 

ANYWAYS. mom and i were bad girls. we went to bath and body works and spent an amount that will not be disclosed on here because i mean who spends that much on things that smell good? BUT can i say, we're gonna smell fricken amazing! ;) 


SO... just so everyone knows, this girl right here has a birthday coming up! WOO! last year i hated it, i was super upset that i was turning 21 i wanted to stay young forever. this year though i am embracing it. this is the one day i'm special so why the hell am i going to be upset! another year means another year i've been alive, surrounded by the ones i love! life is great. 

as you can see from the pictures below, the big day will be celebrated in moustaches. i can honestly say that i think my burg boys are far more excited about it but maybe a little part of me is pumped to have all the girls wearing terribly ugly moustaches! :) 

10 days and counting, yay!! 


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