birthday celebrations


i don't know about you, but i'm feeling 22 ;) 

on friday it was my birthday and i had a great one. it was filled with family, friends and love. i am truly one spoiled girl. we had a huge party at brents farm, it was a fun moustache themed gig. we had a great time! we even had a Photo Booth set up which was a hit! everyone loved it! once i get all the pictures, i'll post my best ones :) the rest of the weekend was spent with brent, we had a lovely weekend relaxing since we were so exhausted from friday night! my parents also hosted a fun bbq, all in all this years birthday was a winner! here's hoping 22 will be just as good if not better than 21!

in the picture above is myself and martha the giraffe! haha its a walking balloon and one of my favourite gifts ;) here are some pictures of my weekend! 


these are my gorgeous new earrings that the boyfriend got me... he's so good to me.



hope everyone had a lovely weekend! and i also hope that you have a great week... can't wait for the long weekend ;) 


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