be happy and smile.


i feel like sometimes all you need is a little bit of girl time.

last night the ladies and i had planned a dinner that was long overdue, which then turned into drinks and a sleepover. it was the best. you know when you're feeling crummy, under the weather and just overall defeated and you have absolutely no reason to feel that way? well it seemed like all three of us were having just one of those days. so when this dinner turned into a sleepover we were all ecstatic! 

we started our night off at beertown... which can i just say that their pad thai is to die for. i mean i felt like i had literally just came across the most delicious creation on the planet. but then again just being with my best friends may have had something to do with my elated mood! afterward we headed over to gimena's house and just sat around, had some drinks and talked. it was just what i needed. 

we have all become so busy with work, long distance relationships and life that we just haven't had the time to get together. we decided the make a pact that dinner would happen at once every two weeks or once a month. we NEED to fit girl time in. i am oh so glad that i have these girls in my life. they really are the best

how awesome is it that gimena's parents had a king size bed and we ALL fit in it comfortably?! i believe that brent and i will absolutely need to purchase one of these in the future! 

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