bad days


sometimes when you have a really REALLY bad day all you have to do is have a nice hot bath, buy yourself a pumpkin spiced latte (finding out they were back in season was the ONLY good part of my day) and reading a good book. i instantly feel better and relaxed and dare I say it happy. things could always be worse right? and I mean life is still good to me. 

just gotta keep calm and carry on. 


birthday celebrations


i don't know about you, but i'm feeling 22 ;) 

on friday it was my birthday and i had a great one. it was filled with family, friends and love. i am truly one spoiled girl. we had a huge party at brents farm, it was a fun moustache themed gig. we had a great time! we even had a Photo Booth set up which was a hit! everyone loved it! once i get all the pictures, i'll post my best ones :) the rest of the weekend was spent with brent, we had a lovely weekend relaxing since we were so exhausted from friday night! my parents also hosted a fun bbq, all in all this years birthday was a winner! here's hoping 22 will be just as good if not better than 21!

in the picture above is myself and martha the giraffe! haha its a walking balloon and one of my favourite gifts ;) here are some pictures of my weekend! 


these are my gorgeous new earrings that the boyfriend got me... he's so good to me.



hope everyone had a lovely weekend! and i also hope that you have a great week... can't wait for the long weekend ;) 




This is kind of just a blurb, something that's on my mind and its just a little bit silly. 

But white bed sheets are dreamy. I don't know what it is about them but I always feel like I sleep better in a bed that has crisp, clean, white sheets.

Gosh, i think that i need to go buy a set... I mean maybe it'll help keep my insomnia at ease? 

There's a thought ;)


Oh Mondays.


mondays its the start of the work week. blah!
although i'm not working today we're back to babysitting the kids again, so it has been crazy and hectic around here, oh my. 

anywho, my weekend was pretty good! brent and i didn't really do much except for hang out. brent worked all weekend and his cousin from vancouver was down for a visit, so we spent a bit of time with him too. 

yesterday i spent the afternoon at home cleaning and making dinner, wifey status right there. i was actually pretty bored and since my mans been working like a dog these past few weeks i figured i'd do something nice for the guy. 

anyways, today we already took a walk to the park and played there for a bit. the sun is hot and beautiful and i'm not even mad about it. i mean its about time the sun started shining... even if its just for the last two weeks of summer! yay! 

hoping everyone has a great week! 




i find that sometimes i have the terrible habit of thinking about all the things that go wrong in my life. instead of counting my blessings i focus on what i don't have. this past week i have decided that i need to STOP doing that and seriously focus on how beautiful my life really is... so i decided to make a list of all the things that make ME happy.
- my amazingly loving family
- i'm in love with a handsome caring man who loves me completely for who i am, freak outs and all
- drinking tea and reading a good book
- having girls nights
- being surrounded by good friends
- i'm healthy
- travelling, boy that's one of my favourites
- soon i'll have my own place
- brent and i just received our new couch, yay!!
- watching my little cousin grow up
- visiting pinky and NYC, my FAV city
- a good glass of wine or a few but you know what i mean... right?
- cuddling
that's just a little list of my reasons to be happy, life is such a special thing i refuse to live it only focusing on that bad. what makes you happy?




the summer is almost ending (insert depressed sigh here) I'm trying to fit in as much fun things possible before it ends. i'm going to be transitioning into "adult life" in a few weeks so I'm trying to enjoy most of the freedom I have right now. 

today mom and I, joined by her friend and her kids, went to wonderland and had so much fun!

on our way there the highway was so backed up due to a terrible car accident, so we decided to take the back roads. there's something so dreamy about the country I just love how peaceful driving through it is. thank god I'm marrying me a farmer! 

overall our day was spent walking, screaming and laughing. it was really fun. we even rode the carrousel, first time in years! 

here are a few snapshots of our day :) 




darling afternoons

dear momma, 
please don't ever change. 

this afternoon i just spent some quality time with my momma, well actually we spent all day together. but that's besides the point. this afternoon we did a bit of running around, spending money... you know lady things. it was fabulous. 

i bought a couple of books, since i have FINALLY returned to choosing reading over watching tv. i seriously don't know why i stopped. i mean reading is so awesome, it allows me to escape the world. when something awful (and good too!) is going on in my life i turn to books, they take me away from reality for a few hours and give my brain peace. 

ANYWAYS. mom and i were bad girls. we went to bath and body works and spent an amount that will not be disclosed on here because i mean who spends that much on things that smell good? BUT can i say, we're gonna smell fricken amazing! ;) 


SO... just so everyone knows, this girl right here has a birthday coming up! WOO! last year i hated it, i was super upset that i was turning 21 i wanted to stay young forever. this year though i am embracing it. this is the one day i'm special so why the hell am i going to be upset! another year means another year i've been alive, surrounded by the ones i love! life is great. 

as you can see from the pictures below, the big day will be celebrated in moustaches. i can honestly say that i think my burg boys are far more excited about it but maybe a little part of me is pumped to have all the girls wearing terribly ugly moustaches! :) 

10 days and counting, yay!! 




     thursday night was SOO GOOD!! Natalie, Catina and I finally reunited and had a girls night out. something we haven't done in forever. it was probably the BEST thing ever. catina and I drove up to London and had a lovely dinner with Natalie and her roommate. the food was good but the company was better.
as we were pre-drinking before going to the bar we decided to play a game where we had three different coloured die and one person (Natalie) would keep them all in their hand and shake them while the other three would guess a colour and a number. well what you're about to hear is mind blowing! All four of us guessed at least one correctly, one right after the other. I mean the odds of all four of us guessing a correct colour and number is kind of really low. we slightly freaked out once the fourth correct guess was made... it was pret-ty cool if I do say so myself!
just a slight side note: although there was heavy drinking involved the guessing game was played at the beginning of the night, we were sober. it was a real deal thing ;)



you're lovely

this weekend was wonderful and heartbreaking.

saturday brent and i had a wonderful day in london, we decided to get out of woodstock and do something fun. we went to the mall, where might i add i did NOT buy anything (yay for me!) i then introduced brent to beertown, because i mean why not? and the boy was impressed... i mean a place where they have over 100 beers what man wouldnt like that! 

after our adventures we went back to the farm where the boys all got together and jammed, it was great to watch but then it got cold and i head to go inside.. WHY IS IT FREEZING IN AUGUST! its absurd. 

i also ombre'd my hair this weekend.. all by myself. i was terrified it would either turn out real good or real bad. thankfully it looks pretty good. so snaps for me!

now for the heartbreaking. 

August 4th, my Grandfather passed away. it honestly wasn't very surprising but it does kind of hit you as you begin to realize that this special person is forever gone and i'm going to miss him. although growing up i never got to spend much time with him in december i did spend a great amount of my vacation with him, which was wonderful and warms my heart. my grandfather was very strong man and someone who i will always look up to. his love for my grandmother was the strongest force of love i have ever seen in my life. 60 years together is a long time folks and that man loved her until his very last breath. 

Avo, i hope you know we love you so much and i pray you will always watch over us. You're with terry now which gives me great comfort. I pray that you rest in the sweetest peace. 

In our hearts forever and always. 



be happy and smile.


i feel like sometimes all you need is a little bit of girl time.

last night the ladies and i had planned a dinner that was long overdue, which then turned into drinks and a sleepover. it was the best. you know when you're feeling crummy, under the weather and just overall defeated and you have absolutely no reason to feel that way? well it seemed like all three of us were having just one of those days. so when this dinner turned into a sleepover we were all ecstatic! 

we started our night off at beertown... which can i just say that their pad thai is to die for. i mean i felt like i had literally just came across the most delicious creation on the planet. but then again just being with my best friends may have had something to do with my elated mood! afterward we headed over to gimena's house and just sat around, had some drinks and talked. it was just what i needed. 

we have all become so busy with work, long distance relationships and life that we just haven't had the time to get together. we decided the make a pact that dinner would happen at once every two weeks or once a month. we NEED to fit girl time in. i am oh so glad that i have these girls in my life. they really are the best

how awesome is it that gimena's parents had a king size bed and we ALL fit in it comfortably?! i believe that brent and i will absolutely need to purchase one of these in the future!