Living the good life.

After two weeks of pain I finally got to go out this weekend! I'm still in pain but its slowly subsiding... Holy crap do I not have the tolerance for this stuff. Ugh!

On Saturday Brent and I went to wonderland with my little sister and her boyfriend... So weird to see her growing up! But it's safe to say I really like this guy! He kind of reminds me of me... Now  that I think of it he could be trouble! :p 

Sunday was a really really fun day! Mom, Philipa and I drove to Toronto to watch Catina and Angela's first ever performance for their band High Diamond! And man was it great! I was so proud to see my best friend performing! She killed it! Literally got goosebumps! There's nothing more exciting than seeing someone you love succeed! It was great! 

Here are some pictures from yesterday! 


I'm so so SO proud of these ladies! They did fantastic and I can't wait for more performances! 


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