Life ramblings.

Things have been good lately. My mouth is after what felt like an eternity FINALLLLLY no longer in pain! And let me tell ya this girl is H A P P Y! 

I have been blessed with a great life... And I have to remind myself this a lot.  Sometimes I find its just easier to complain about what I don't have and what I'm not that I forget about what I do have and who I am. 

I have a wonderful family, an AMAZING boyfriend and great friends... Seriously what more could I ask for? Life is a beautiful and precious thing and I am so grateful for alllll of it.


Living the good life.

After two weeks of pain I finally got to go out this weekend! I'm still in pain but its slowly subsiding... Holy crap do I not have the tolerance for this stuff. Ugh!

On Saturday Brent and I went to wonderland with my little sister and her boyfriend... So weird to see her growing up! But it's safe to say I really like this guy! He kind of reminds me of me... Now  that I think of it he could be trouble! :p 

Sunday was a really really fun day! Mom, Philipa and I drove to Toronto to watch Catina and Angela's first ever performance for their band High Diamond! And man was it great! I was so proud to see my best friend performing! She killed it! Literally got goosebumps! There's nothing more exciting than seeing someone you love succeed! It was great! 

Here are some pictures from yesterday! 


I'm so so SO proud of these ladies! They did fantastic and I can't wait for more performances! 



Grandpa Ze.

It has been a very very long week and its only Wednesday.

Things haven't been too great around the Paulo residence lately! I'm still recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery and i feel like its a never ending process. granted I have absolutely no pain tolerance... So lord help me and get this mouth healed! 

on Sunday my dad left for Portugal since my gramps is really really sick, doesn't look like he will be living much longer... And although we already knew this was coming its still seems really really hard. 

But I can't let this bring me down. it's been hard. my heart is aching and I'm so sad that gramps is suffering but this is life. He has lived a healthy and HAPPY life and that makes me happy... Unfortunately everyone lives and everyone dies.

I will never forget the last time I got to see him and how he said good bye. And I will never NEVER forget how happy he was that he got the chance to meet Brent. He said "I hope you and him are as happy as your grandma and I have been all these years." I will forever cherish that and always be grateful for it! 

So here i am sending prayers and good vibes to my gramps because he's one hell of a man and I am more than happy that he gets to have my dad by his side because I know if there is one thing in life that makes him happy it's having his sons with him. 

Love you vĂ´ ze.



Summer goodness & wisdom teeth surgery.

It has a been a loooong time since I have posted on my blog and you know what... I'm okay with it! 

I have been working and just trying to enjoy as much of my summer as I can,even though this weather has been awful, like what's up with that?!?!

 I am currently on bed rest thanks to my lovely wisdom teeth surgery I had yesterday! 

I woke up from the anesthetic believing I had been partying with slash, so I was having quite the time to say the least haha! Now I'm just waiting on the boyfriend to arrive so he can finally take care of me for a bit lol 

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer so far, is it just me or has it been flying by?

Here are some pictures of what I've even up to lately!! 

Bought a beautiful antique chest for mine and Brent's house... It's an antique and my dads friend helped me get it all prettied up! 

I've recently discovered I apparently know how to draw superheroes... Considering the fact that Brent is a huge comic nerd I'd have to say its a pretty good thing!

Last weekend I reunited with one of my oldest if not first best friend ever... And it was so great, we haven't been in touch for the last few years because life has become a bit busy but as soon as we were together it was as if nothing has changed... That's how you know it's a real friendship. I truly love this girl. 

And last but not least this is my post surgery photograph... Not much swelling still quite a bit of pain though! But I think it's coming along smoothly! Thank god for that! 

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Kathy xoxo