NYC day one!

Today was a good one! 

We started the morning off with some yucky rain, a dead car and no ride into Newark... It was not looking good. BUT the New York gods looked down on us and said "Kathy and Pinky you will be visiting me today!" So things got better and we ended up at the American museum of natural history! 

Boy was that museum ever overwhelming! There was so much to see and read I had a museum hangover once we finally got out!! But all in all it was pretty neat to see all the gallery's and learn some new things! 

After our nice little museum trip we had lunch at a little Mexican restaurant which was pretty delicious... But I mean it wins no chipotle! ;) 

We didn't spend much time in the city since we will be there everyday this week! So now I'm finally relaxing and getting ready for the long day ahead of me tomorrow! 

 Haha who would I be if I didn't take note of the little penis?

I love NYC! 

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