NYC day 2!

Today was fun fun fun!!!!!!

This morning pinky and I went for a run (still gotta work on the fitness!) and after we went back to the big apple! 

Pinky had class today so I just bummed around her school watching movies while she did her thing!! 

After her class was done we hit up Times Square and went shopping at forever 21, where I bought this super cool van halen shirt! 

Afterwards we met up with both her sisters and headed to soho for an awesome dinner at dos caminos! It was delicious AND I had my first legal drink! The damn thing was expensive but strong.. It's not everyday I get to drink in NYC so I guess I'm going all out!! 

Here are some pictures of my day! 


Tried guacamole today... Didn't hate it!

I also got my first ever NYC cab ride... I don't know how they drive in this craziness! It is awwwful! 

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