Summer fun.

Life has been pretty good these days... I've been working a lot with my momma and spending my weekends in the burg with Brent. I really can't complain... It's been a good summer! 

I'm so glad I'm not working at the bar anymore, having dinner with my family again has been so awesome... You never realize how much you miss it until you get it back! 

Oh and let me tell you about my weekends... Not working weekends it's probably the BEST thing ever. I love having all day to do whatever I want... Me and weekends are in love. We'll probably get married too... Try not to be jealous! 

Here are some pictures of my adventures lately!!

Honestly who knew I could draw this well? I mean I'm mind blown that it turned out so awesome!!! :) 

If this is how my whole summer is gonna be, i think it's gonna be a great one. 


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