last night in jersey and home.

i'm home and it feels sooo good!

i was pretty sad that i had to leave pinky.. cried at the airport typical emotional kathy. ;)  just want to give her a little shout out for absolutely giving me the best vacation ever! I had the greatest time and so many good talks, it was much needed! Love you girl!

anywho, flying is definitely not my favourite thing to do on my own.. i mean i almost had a few heart attacks. i'm a terrible flyer, i love travelling but wish i could just teleport or something. nonetheless i had a good flight and when i got to canada and saw how excited my mom and dad were to see me i turned into a blubbery mess! gotta love the tears guys!

SO my last night in jersey was THE BOMB! i mean it was portugal day weekend (for all my fellow portuguese Feliz Dia de Portugal!) and we had so much fun! We went out to a place called iberia where literally thousands of people were hanging out, we got buckets (literally) of sangria and just drank the night away! it was the best ending to my trip!

Now its time to get back into my healthy routine... hello time to workout kathy! It's good to be home and i've got a feeling that things are gonna start looking up for me! I'm excited :)

Some jerk spilled his WHOLE beer on me!

Pretty girls :) 

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