Holy crazy week!

Holy crap this week has been eventful! 

My poor puppy Nuka got a little sick this week, gave us quite the scare... I mean how is it that this little animal makes me love her so so SOO much. Honestly she's my baby and seeing her in pain made my heart break. I'm happy to report she's better today but she's not a hundred percent out of the clear! Just a few more tests are being done to make sure she's alright! I have prayed so much that this little dog will be okay... It's just way too soon for her to be gone! So please keep her in your prayer :) 


I am beside myself with excitement!!! I mean it's like Christmas right now... I get him back AND presents!! Oh yes presents!! Woohoo!! 

I hope everyone has a great upcoming weekend! I have a feeling mine won't be too bad! :) 

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