Summer fun.

Life has been pretty good these days... I've been working a lot with my momma and spending my weekends in the burg with Brent. I really can't complain... It's been a good summer! 

I'm so glad I'm not working at the bar anymore, having dinner with my family again has been so awesome... You never realize how much you miss it until you get it back! 

Oh and let me tell you about my weekends... Not working weekends it's probably the BEST thing ever. I love having all day to do whatever I want... Me and weekends are in love. We'll probably get married too... Try not to be jealous! 

Here are some pictures of my adventures lately!!

Honestly who knew I could draw this well? I mean I'm mind blown that it turned out so awesome!!! :) 

If this is how my whole summer is gonna be, i think it's gonna be a great one. 



Holy crazy week!

Holy crap this week has been eventful! 

My poor puppy Nuka got a little sick this week, gave us quite the scare... I mean how is it that this little animal makes me love her so so SOO much. Honestly she's my baby and seeing her in pain made my heart break. I'm happy to report she's better today but she's not a hundred percent out of the clear! Just a few more tests are being done to make sure she's alright! I have prayed so much that this little dog will be okay... It's just way too soon for her to be gone! So please keep her in your prayer :) 


I am beside myself with excitement!!! I mean it's like Christmas right now... I get him back AND presents!! Oh yes presents!! Woohoo!! 

I hope everyone has a great upcoming weekend! I have a feeling mine won't be too bad! :) 


last night in jersey and home.

i'm home and it feels sooo good!

i was pretty sad that i had to leave pinky.. cried at the airport typical emotional kathy. ;)  just want to give her a little shout out for absolutely giving me the best vacation ever! I had the greatest time and so many good talks, it was much needed! Love you girl!

anywho, flying is definitely not my favourite thing to do on my own.. i mean i almost had a few heart attacks. i'm a terrible flyer, i love travelling but wish i could just teleport or something. nonetheless i had a good flight and when i got to canada and saw how excited my mom and dad were to see me i turned into a blubbery mess! gotta love the tears guys!

SO my last night in jersey was THE BOMB! i mean it was portugal day weekend (for all my fellow portuguese Feliz Dia de Portugal!) and we had so much fun! We went out to a place called iberia where literally thousands of people were hanging out, we got buckets (literally) of sangria and just drank the night away! it was the best ending to my trip!

Now its time to get back into my healthy routine... hello time to workout kathy! It's good to be home and i've got a feeling that things are gonna start looking up for me! I'm excited :)

Some jerk spilled his WHOLE beer on me!

Pretty girls :) 


Last day in NYC

Today was our last day in New York and it was soooo good. I mean this city makes me fall in love with it more and more every day. 

I got to see New York in a whole different way today. We spent most of our day in lower manhattan and it was beautiful. Such a calm compared to all the crazy in Times Square. 

We got to walk along the Hudson River at Battery Park City and I got to see the beautiful lady liberty! It has been years since I have seen her so excited doesn't even cover how I was feeling! 

We also got to visit Wall Street and let me tell ya, I love me a man in a suit! Sorry babe, you're still my number one ;)  

We walked to south street seaport and it was so dreamy, with all the boats around and the view, boy was it lovely!! 

Even though we got to see all those pretty things, I would have to say my favourite part of our day was our visit to the 9/11 memorial site.

Although I wasn't directly affected by 9/11... I think everyone in the world will always remember that day and remember the horror and panic it caused. 

Visiting the memorial site was touching and beautiful and to be honest pretty sad. I think that they created a beautiful and appropriate memorial and I encourage everyone to see it at least once in their lives. It's truly a beautiful thing. 

I would have to say that New York always surprises me, there is always something new to see and honestly I just love the place. I'm trying to encourage Brent to move there, maybe one day he'll give in. 

Thank you New York for your craziness, thank you for your $12 dollar drinks and thank you for making this another memorable trip! 

And now time for pictures :)


NYC day 2!

Today was fun fun fun!!!!!!

This morning pinky and I went for a run (still gotta work on the fitness!) and after we went back to the big apple! 

Pinky had class today so I just bummed around her school watching movies while she did her thing!! 

After her class was done we hit up Times Square and went shopping at forever 21, where I bought this super cool van halen shirt! 

Afterwards we met up with both her sisters and headed to soho for an awesome dinner at dos caminos! It was delicious AND I had my first legal drink! The damn thing was expensive but strong.. It's not everyday I get to drink in NYC so I guess I'm going all out!! 

Here are some pictures of my day! 


Tried guacamole today... Didn't hate it!

I also got my first ever NYC cab ride... I don't know how they drive in this craziness! It is awwwful! 


NYC day one!

Today was a good one! 

We started the morning off with some yucky rain, a dead car and no ride into Newark... It was not looking good. BUT the New York gods looked down on us and said "Kathy and Pinky you will be visiting me today!" So things got better and we ended up at the American museum of natural history! 

Boy was that museum ever overwhelming! There was so much to see and read I had a museum hangover once we finally got out!! But all in all it was pretty neat to see all the gallery's and learn some new things! 

After our nice little museum trip we had lunch at a little Mexican restaurant which was pretty delicious... But I mean it wins no chipotle! ;) 

We didn't spend much time in the city since we will be there everyday this week! So now I'm finally relaxing and getting ready for the long day ahead of me tomorrow! 

 Haha who would I be if I didn't take note of the little penis?

I love NYC! 


Excitement, finally!!

So the last few days have been prettyyy good! My best friend from jersey came to visit me and I am currently en route to her home!! 

Also, my little sister had her prom! Oh my goodness gracious she looked gorgeous!! 

On friday Pinky and i spent our time with my sister getting ready and then head to the burg for a fundraiser! We spent saturday in Niagara Falls before we left for jersey! 

 let me tell ya unemployment has been fun! I know I won't be saying any of that in a few weeks but hey it's still new! 

Here are some photos of our weekend! :)