oh hey thursday!

WOAH today has been a doozy of a day goodness gracious it's only 5 and i'm already ready for bed!! the girls and i have been running around all afternoon buying healthy goodies and trying new things, HELLO ALMOND BUTTER WELCOME TO MY LIFE. holy goodness! but to be honest healthy food is ridiculously expensive... no wonder i have opted for the cheap bad for you stuff for so long.

but its time for a lifestyle change... there are a bunch of changes going on in my life right now so i thought why not add being healthier.

it's hard but it can be done. i'm two weeks strong (two weeks is a LONG time for me) so therefore i am extremely proud of my progress!

ALSO Gimena and i bought coconut oil! gonna lather my hair up in coconut goodness and hopefully have luscious soft, nice smelling hair! we shall see ;)

i'd add pictures but unfortunately i forgot to take pictures... i really need to get into that! but one step at a time ladies and gents!


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