My Vida Linda take 5.

i have stopped and started my vida linda almost five times... five whole times. it's safe to say i suck at blogging. BUT where there's a will there's a way and i have FAITH that this one is here to stay!

now that that is said... welcome to my blog! 

i am a 21 year old college graduate who has absolutely no idea where her life is going. i am an avid reader with a love for all things vintage. my sister calls me a grandma because i am probably the worst 21 year old on the planet... i choose crafting over clubbing often and tea cups/tea pots are my weakness. 

My Vida Linda means my beautiful life in portuguese, i'm hoping that this blog will be a place where i can keep all my little memories and always remember that my life IS beautiful. sometimes i feel like i need a reminder so why not have a place where i can remind myself that everyday.

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