Brent time.

These past couple of days I got to hang out with my main squeeze. Honestly spending any time I can get with him is the best time. This man... Geeze Louise makes my heart flutter and burst. I'm completely in love and I'm not scared to act like it sooooo deal with it.

Anyways, we had a pretty productive few days... We went to Home Depot to start looking at wood to make our DIY kitchen table, it was pretty exciting to say the least. 
We've also been making progress on the whole 'stop spending so much money on food' thing and have been cooking a lot more dinners at home! Annnnddd holy crap last nights dinner was a doozy. I made the best salad ever and for anyone and I mean anyone who knows me I am NOT a salad lady. It was unreal delicious and maybe one day if I feel like it I'll post the recipe! 

I'd say it was a successful few days together... Now I gotta wait another five days until I see him again, OH THE HORROR!!! 

Hope you all have had a fabulous week :) 

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