oh hey thursday!

WOAH today has been a doozy of a day goodness gracious it's only 5 and i'm already ready for bed!! the girls and i have been running around all afternoon buying healthy goodies and trying new things, HELLO ALMOND BUTTER WELCOME TO MY LIFE. holy goodness! but to be honest healthy food is ridiculously expensive... no wonder i have opted for the cheap bad for you stuff for so long.

but its time for a lifestyle change... there are a bunch of changes going on in my life right now so i thought why not add being healthier.

it's hard but it can be done. i'm two weeks strong (two weeks is a LONG time for me) so therefore i am extremely proud of my progress!

ALSO Gimena and i bought coconut oil! gonna lather my hair up in coconut goodness and hopefully have luscious soft, nice smelling hair! we shall see ;)

i'd add pictures but unfortunately i forgot to take pictures... i really need to get into that! but one step at a time ladies and gents!



Brent time.

These past couple of days I got to hang out with my main squeeze. Honestly spending any time I can get with him is the best time. This man... Geeze Louise makes my heart flutter and burst. I'm completely in love and I'm not scared to act like it sooooo deal with it.

Anyways, we had a pretty productive few days... We went to Home Depot to start looking at wood to make our DIY kitchen table, it was pretty exciting to say the least. 
We've also been making progress on the whole 'stop spending so much money on food' thing and have been cooking a lot more dinners at home! Annnnddd holy crap last nights dinner was a doozy. I made the best salad ever and for anyone and I mean anyone who knows me I am NOT a salad lady. It was unreal delicious and maybe one day if I feel like it I'll post the recipe! 

I'd say it was a successful few days together... Now I gotta wait another five days until I see him again, OH THE HORROR!!! 

Hope you all have had a fabulous week :) 


Who says a little wine ain't good for ya? 

Victoria Day

it's the long weekend... and let me tell ya it was definitely a LONG weekend. i worked friday, saturday sunday AND monday.

i'm finally off until wednesday so i'm going to enjoy myself a nice glass of wine while i wait until the boyfriend gets home!

hopefully we'll be able to watch fireworks, we've been dating almost four years and have yet to go watch them together... whats up with that?!

anyways, i hope that my family and friends who did have the entire weekend off enjoyed the beautiful weather! next long weekend i'll be free as a bird and enjoying it as well... I CANT WAIT!


My Vida Linda take 5.

i have stopped and started my vida linda almost five times... five whole times. it's safe to say i suck at blogging. BUT where there's a will there's a way and i have FAITH that this one is here to stay!

now that that is said... welcome to my blog! 

i am a 21 year old college graduate who has absolutely no idea where her life is going. i am an avid reader with a love for all things vintage. my sister calls me a grandma because i am probably the worst 21 year old on the planet... i choose crafting over clubbing often and tea cups/tea pots are my weakness. 

My Vida Linda means my beautiful life in portuguese, i'm hoping that this blog will be a place where i can keep all my little memories and always remember that my life IS beautiful. sometimes i feel like i need a reminder so why not have a place where i can remind myself that everyday.